The software app on android basis for scanning and identification of material is especially adressed to maintainers, service companies and suppliers of railway verhicles.

With CLARIS® IDENT the overall materials search process is speeded up significantly through intelligent scan and identification processes and the error rate is substantially reduced.


Working on the move

Mobile devices make it possible for a material to be identified directly on the spot and reduce time-consuming process paths.

Automatic search

Let the software search for the material automatically. At the end of the search you will receive detailed suggestions on the scanned components.

ERP interface

Get access to features like procurement, finances and logistics via an intelligent connection to your ERP software.

Supports six languages

A convenient function for international partners: Displays the material for which a search has been conducted directly in the relevant language.


Camera recognition

Conduct a real-time material search via the camera of your mobile device, whereby the photographed material is identified and displayed on your screen.

QR code recognition

Analogous to camera recognition, a barcode scanner conveniently lets you conduct a search for the appropriate material via your mobile device using a barcode scanner.

Warehousing and logistics

Through a real-time comparison with the materials database, the material for which a search is being conducted is located in the warehouse and the current size of stock is shown on the display.