Overview of services

You get an all-round carefree package for all CLARIS software solutions that guarantees the highest satisfaction. You will be fully supported in every stage of the software life cycle and also have the possibility to extend the software solution by your individual requirements and processes.

Software hosting

A high-performance server with automatic backup feature is provided for you.

  • MSSQL database
  • Windows 2012 R-12
  • German data centre


Expert support with fast response times is immediately at your disposal.

  • Phone support
  • Email support
  • Local support

Software training

Expert training including the necessary documentation is provided.

  • Administrator training
  • User-group training
  • Online tutorials

System hosting

In all software solutions, you have the choice to install it either on your company’s server or operate on a server provided by CLARIS Solutions in a German data centre. The highest safety regulations and privacy policies apply to all servers.




Not only the software, but also sustainable support is of the utmost importance at CLARIS Solutions. All clients have the privilege to always be in contact with a qualified support staff member, who not only has the necessary IT expertise, but who also has extensive knowledge of the processes of a railway company.


Target-group training rounds off the service package of CLARIS Solutions. For this, all user groups receive a specially tailored training package with extensive documentation of the respective software. The training takes place either at your premises or in our Frankfurt seminar rooms.